By mobifone, vinaphone card



Step 1: Register

- Registry account (free) at here if you are a new customer.

- After finishing you have to log in website to active the purchasing and payment online.

Notice: Can use this account to buy production on website

Step 2: Purchasing

- Choose products: Go to "Products" and get products you want to buy. After that press the button "Add to cart" (Dictionaries, ebook, anti virus software, game...)


- At "Cart" it includes product information, quantity, price. If you want to change the quantity of product then in the box "quantity" enter the number you want to and press "Update cart".

Hit the button "Cart confirmation" to go to next step.


Step 3: Ordering Information

- Fill out an ordering request form.

Notice: Product key will be sent to your email address therefore this text box information need to be correct.


Step 4: Payment method

- Choose payment method: Mobifone or Vinaphone the press the button "Order Confirmation" below after you "read and agree to all terms".


Step 5: Payment

- You will be requested to login again at page ePayment for security issue.

- At this page screen you will see your cart information such as price, money remain...


- Enter the key at the back of the mobifone or vinaphoe card.

- Press "Next" to finish.

Step 6

After finished step 5. You have to login and back to "Purchase History". The product key will be sent in this page. Please use that key to active Lac Viet Dictionary.