By HDBank

 Online payment

Register service SMS/Vasco Tocken Key and transfer on eBanking at the trade office of HDBank.

Step 2: active the service online payment following this formula:

HDB STAONE [username of eBanking] [password SMS Banking] send to 8149.

Online payment instruction

Step 1: Choose product/service and payment method - HDBank:

1. Payment by HDBank


After reading the term of use of the online payment choose Agree and enter Next to do the next step.

Check all your information or cart details and then hit BACK to change or NEXT to continue with your payment on page OnePay.

Step 2: Fill your card detail and confirm:

On page OnePAY, enter the details:

1. Name (name on card without accent)

2. Card number (16 numbers)

3. Date (take from “VALID FROM” on card)

4. Press “Next”

5. If any thing goes OK it will go to step 3.



Step 3: Confirmation by eBanking and OTP (One Time Password). Enter username and password that you have register for eBanking.

Enter OTP. Take OTP from:

Stage 1: Send an SMS: HDB OTP [username to sign in eBanking] send to 8149. You will get OTP (6 numbers) through SMS sent to your mobile phone.

Stage 2: Tocken Key from HDBank.

Enter the code in the party at the right side.

Click on “I accept terms of payment of HDBank” and hit “Pay”.


Notice: Trading will auto cancel if you enter wrong password three times. This case your account will be locked and cannot trade online again (online payment only). With OTP, if you enter wrong the OTP number two times this transfer will be canceled.

Step 4: Result

You will receive the result of trading (accept or decline) and back to the scree of supplier.

We will send and email to confirmation your shopping cart and total pay on website. Notice: If you receive the notice “Your payment was NOT successful, Your payment is declined by the Issuer”. The reasons can be:

◦ You have entered incorrect details.

◦ Your card has been expired or not enough money to pay.

◦ Your credit card doesn’t have permission to transfer online. Please contact banking to active that function.


In case you fill correct the details but cannot get the payment confirmation please DO NOT repeat those steps and contact us to confirm the payment result.

Lac Viet Customer Service: Lac Viet computing Corp.: 23 Nguyen Thi Huynh, Ward 8, Phú Nhuận District, HCMC. Tel:(84) 8 3845 3333; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . After you have the result then press Finish to receive the purchasing confirmation. Your detail will be kept in secrect by using the SSL security(Secure Sockets Layer) at page OnePay and Vietcombank. We do not save any your information.