Product name : mtdEVA9 for PC (24 months)
Price: 89.000 VND
mtdEVA9 is one of the dictionary software to improve language skills developed by Lac Viet Computing Corp.




With over 800,000 words và collocations:

• English - Vietnamese dictionary

• Vietnamese – English dictionary

• Abbreviation dictionary

• Prefixes and suffixes dictionary

• Multimedia (showed by images, sounds and short movies)

• Vietnamese definition dictionary


- Autolook – Easier searching with 1 click (Ctrl + Rightlick directly on the word).

- Look up a word: mtdEVA9 can look up a word on other applications such as file.html on Web, Word document, Excel document, PowerPoint document or email…

- To hear a word’s pronunciation, click the sound icon in the Definitions window.

- Automatically recognizing languages: English, French, Vietnamese, Chinese and languages specified features. The dictionary will parse this text and provide the meanings of words or phrases in it according to their combination.

- Cross-references

mtdEVA2 allows you to research any word appearing in the Definitions windows. Suppose that you do not know the meanings of some words in the Definitions window. Just click it to see its meanings immediately.

- Hearing a word and paragraph pronounced

- On the Tools menu, click Listening. The Listening dialog box appreas immediately.
- Select the paragraph that you want to hear pronounced, then copy and paste in the text box.

- Provide the related words or phrases!!!

- Find and enter the word “account” at Dictionary Entries you can find related word with “Entries explanations containing "account"”. With this function, you will know how to use exactly the word “account”. For example: “condensed account” means “bài tường thuật súc tích”, or “piecemeal account” means “bản báo cáo từng phần” ...

- There are some example sentences to let you know how using the word.

- Meaning Finding!

This function hasn’t perfect yet but it’s really useful. Press “MeaningsFinding”, copy a text and press “Find”. We will see the sentence divides to word, collocations and related meaning. It helps users understanding structure of the sentence and “related concepts”.

- Auto translation

In mtdEVA9 if you connect internet you can use auto machine translation on website

- Adding and removing a dictionary

This function will help you collect many interesting dictionaries. Suppose that someone has created a very good dictionary on his or her computer. Furthermore you can remove a dictionary definitively.

- Interface

You can specify the interface, skin and color


Watch video about Dictionary for PC at here

vochinguyen, 15.11.2012
Tiếc nhỉ ở đây không có Từ điển Nhật - Việt. Anh - Việt thì đang dùng English Study Pro 2012. Hy vọng mình sẽ có Từ điển hay hơn!
nguyen thi minh tam, 17.06.2012
từ điển này có thể cài đặt trên mac OS ko?
nguyen thi minh tam, 17.06.2012
từ điển này có thể cài đặt trên mac OS ko?
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1- Set up

- Install mtd9EVA from CD-ROM.

- Full fill the requirement.

- Choose place to install (C:/Program Files/mtd9).

2- Enter Product Key

- Buy card (include product key) at distributors (Thegioidiong, Phuoc Lap...).

Start the program and do the following steps:

Step 1:

1- Active Online: if internet is connected, you choose Active online and program will auto get License Key (donot need to do Stage 2 - Manual).

Note: If program give an message that your computer may not connect to the internet you should check the internet and install soapsdk.exe from CD: MSSoapsdk.exe

2- Manual: If internet is not connected, choose Manual use Test key to get License.

There are 3 ways to register:

- By SMS: Send an SMS to 090 804 3635 using formula: MTDEVA [Test key] - (Exp: MTDEVA CFC9-D106-3800-0050)

- By website: Go to website:

- Dial to: (84-8) 3844 2477 for more detail.

Step 2:

Enter the License key at step 1, press Next and Finish.

- Click Download to get Multimedia dictionary for mtd9 EVA (Optional) (Memory: 286MB).


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