Product name : mtd10CVH for PC [mtd10CVH] (12 months)
Price: 150.000 VND
Over 300.000 words and collocations, has three dictionaries: Chinese –Vietnamese, Vietnamese – Chinese, Vietnamese definition.




1. Dictionary Chinese - Vietnamese:

Version mtd10CVH. Over 300.000 words and collocations, three dictionaries: Chinese –Vietnamese - Chinese. Vietnamese- Vietnamese.

2. Features:

Pinyin, Latin.

Translation by: Phonetic transcription, Chinese characters.

Explanation entry by using traditional or simplified Chinese

How to finding meaning:

* AutoLook: can look up a word on other application such as .html on Web, Word document, Excel document, PowerPoint documents…

* Cross-references: Easy to translate from Vietnamese to Chinese and Chinese to Vietnamese.

* By “Quickview” tool

* Drag and drop a word.

Hearing a word and paragraph pronounced.

Learning vocabulary:

* While searching words you can save the word you want to remember just click “Bookmarks” to save it to the List. To remind these words you need to click on “Word Quiz” to see all the words you have bookmarked before.

Create your dictionary.

Fix words in dictionary (available for new version and old version).

Changing interface and skin.

* Contain many dictionaries in one interface.

* Update usually from Lac Viet server.

Watch video about Dictionary for PC at this link

tomitonie, 18.04.2012
Mong quý công ty sớm ra phiên từ điển Hoa-Việt trên điện thoại
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1- Set up

- Install mtd9EVA from CD-ROM.

- Full fill the requirement.

2- Enter Product Key in the card that included inside

- Buy card (product key) at distributors (Thegioidiong, Phuoc Lap...).

Get License Key

Step 1:

Run program and choose 1 of the following steps to get license key:

1- Active Online: If internet is connected you choose Active online, press Next, program will auto get License Key (Finish and Donot need step 2).

2- Or Manual: If internet is not connected, choose Manual use Test key to get License Key.

There are 3 ways to register:

- Send SMS to 090 804 3635 as formula: MTDCVH [Test key] - (VD: MTDCVH CFC9-D106-3800-0050-CH10)

- Go to

- Dial to: (84-28) 3844 2477 for more details.

Step 2:

Enter license key into the license key box and press Next & Finish

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