Product name : mtd10 Android for Galaxy Note & Tab 7+
Base on mtd9EVA for PC. Easy to finding meaning and translate English text and add more dictionaries. (This is available only for Galaxy Note & tab 7+ of Samsung)


  • English – Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese – English
  • Vietnamese – Vietnamese
  • French - Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese - French
  • Chinese - Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese - Chinese
  • Over 800,000 collocations

Many ways for translation:

  • Normal translation with mobile keyboard.
  • Cross-references: just one Click and you can see the meaning of the words in the Definition windows (English and Vietnamese), automatically recognizing the compound words.
  • Double click on the word you want to find.
  • Provide the related words or phrases.


  • Click on the sound icon to hear every words, phrases and sentences in dictionary.

Text translation:

  • Translate a English text to Vietnamese if internet is connected…

Learn vocabulary:

  • Add vocabularies to Favorite to learn those anytime you want to.
  • Save automatically to History the words that have searched before.
  • Autolook tool help you to look up a word.

Interface: Easy to use

homeplayer87, 30.03.2013
Cái này mua như nào vậy, giá bao nhiêu, sao không có chỗ thanh toán. Tôi muốn mua product key cho Samsung Galaxy Tab.
papparrazi, 20.12.2012
PM này khi chạy và sử dụng từ điển Anh - Việt bị force close hoặc máy bị treo rồi sau đó bị force close!!!
phihung98h1, 27.08.2012
san pham toi can la :mtd10 Android cho Galaxy Note & Tab 7+
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How to registry License


  • Android application versions 1.6 and latest.
  • Memory: 70MB

Set up:

Extract file, copy two files of Lac Viet and Sound data to your phone memory.

  • Step 1: Run app File Manager (Example: Astro File Manager, OI File Manager,…). If the phone has already File Manager, Skip this step. Ví dụ: Cài đặt “Astro File Manager” (Notice: must internet connecting), go to Market, Click on “Find”, enter “astro file manager”, click on result, then press “Install”, it will be installed.

Note: Don’t need to install File Manager for Sony Ericsson mobile phone, use Application Installer.

  • Step 2: Install “Sound data”

From File Manager open Sound data, and run file com.svox.langpack.installer_1.0.1.apk.

  • Step 3: Install mtdEVA10_Android

Install mtdEVA10_Android. From File Manager open folder lacviet, and run setup file LVTD-android.apk

Note: If you see notice “Install blocked” then go to “Setting” -> “Application” and active “Unknown Sourve”.

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