Product name : Word Usage Practice for Android(12 months)
Price: 100.000 VND
Words Usage Practice is the application to test your English skills. There are 4 main topics to do practices. Number of questions are very much. This software developed for Android OS version 1.6+



1- App "Word usage practice":

This is to improve and test your english skill by doing test. The test will be done from the begining to advanced level. There are so many  questions to do practice. The test will show you how many right answers and you can go to the next level after get enough score.

This app is developed for Android OS version - which almost be used at the present.

Can do test every time, every where. Nice interface, beautifull effect and suitable for most of screen size.

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2- Topics

There are 4 main topics: Grammar; Vocabulary; Idiom; Dialogue

Practice will be started by Elementary level. You will go to the next level after get 80% score. Especially the number of question can be set before started.

During the test, the right answer has the green color and red color is the wrong answer.

Furthermore, this application has the fuction could help you to improve your listening skill.

- Click on the sound icon to listen all of the question and optional answers.

- Click on the button "Answer" to see the right answer.

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 The result of the test will be showed at the end of the test. You can do next or do it again by click on the button "Try again".

- Notice: When you click on the button "Try again" the questions will be appeared randomly. This function will make you feel interested with the test.

3- Number of questions

- Number of question about Vocabulary: 10,085

- Number of question about Idiom: 4,644

- Number of question about Grammar: 6,183

- Number of question about Dialogue: 60


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1. Requirement:

   Android OS: version 1.6+.

   Memory: 20MB

2. Install:

Extract file, copy 2 folders named Lac Viet and Sound data to your mobile phone memory.

    Step 1: Run app File Manager (Example: Astro File Manager, OI File Manager,…). If the phone already got File Manager, skip this step.

Example: Install “Astro File Manager” (Notice: must internet be connected), go to Market, click on “Find” and enter “astro file manager”, click on result, then press “Install”, it will be installed.

Note: Don’t need to install File Manager for Sony Ericsson mobile phone, use Application Installer.

    Step 2: Install “Sound data”. From File Manager open Sound data, and run file com.svox.langpack.installer_1.0.1.apk.

    Step 3: Install WORD_USAGE_PRACTICE software

From File Manager: open folder named lacviet, and run WORD_USAGE_PRACTICE.apk

Note: If you see notice “Install blocked” then go to “Setting” -> “Application” and active “Unknown Source”.


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